CSSOM – CSS Variables, Nesting & Modules

This excites me, some proposals for CSSOM (better CSS value access from the DOM), variables, modules and nesting. This means you’ll be able to do stuff like this:

@var header-color color #006;
@var main-color color #06c;
@var secondary-color color #c06;
a { color: var(main-color); }
a:visited { color: var(secondary-color); }
h1 { 
  color: var(header-color);
  background: linear-gradient(left,var(main-color), transparent 25%);

See the full presentation here: http://www.xanthir.com/talks/2011-01-12/slides.html

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via Tab Atkins Jr. member of the CSS3 working group.

Unicorn – W3C Universal Validator

Unicorn – Universal Website Validator is a nice new validator tool from the W3C that runs their suite of tests on your site, checking for accessibility and standards compliance.

Try it out for this site! – lots of CSS errors due to my use of vendor specific prefixes, which I personally think, used with caution, should be let through.

Also try out the Mobile Conformance option for an overview of how well your site conforms to mobile device best practices.

Site Seeing – Week Four

Google Font Directory


Bit late to the party with this one, but the Google Font Directory has some great open source fonts that can be included in your webpages incredibly easily. They host the whole solution and it’s a few basic lines of CSS to get some fancy fonts on your site. My personal favourites include Inconsolata and Lobster.

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgery


Some great gummy bear transpants!

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries

For Zebras


Think the photo says it all, check out Spud Comics for more.

For zebras it's not a party until someone brings the barcode scanner cartoon

by Lonnie Easterling

Site Seeing – Week Three

Css Desk – An Online CSS Sandbox


A great web app for playing around with HTML and CSS in the browser, would be interesting to see if it works on the iPad.

Pictaculous – A Colour Palette Generator


Pictaculous (from MailChimp) lets you upload or email a photo and then generates a colour palette from it. You can email (color@mailchimp.com) straight from your iPhone and get a reply complete with your colour palette results. It also suggestion palettes from kuler and COLOURlovers.

A Comparison of Dedicated Servers By Company


This chart from Intac shows the ridiculous amount of servers Google are estimated to have:

Chart showing the comparison of dedicated servers

Who owns the most servers?

You made it this far, have a song – Metronomy – You Could Easily Have Me (spotify)