UK Veganuary tips

A few plant-based tips for those in the UK:

  • 👓 Lots of things are vegan but don’t say they’re vegan, so you’ll get good at skimming ingredients (watch out for milk, lactose, eggs, gelatine, honey and … meat)
  • 🧈 Flora’s main spreads are now dairy free – it tastes the best
  • 🥛 Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk is next level, Alpro Soya (milk, cream and yoghurt) is a good staple for cereal, with a decent level of protein
  • 🎲 Cauldron Marinated Tofu is a perfect gateway tofu, much different from the “bad” tofu experiences you may have had
  • 📸 Follow @accidentallyveganuk on Instagram to see all the amazing things coming out 
  • 🧀 Some vegan cheeses are awful, the Mature Violife and Violife slices are pretty good at melting
  • 🥘 Everyone loves the Bosh cook book (try the cashew korma!)
  • 🥐 Treat yourself to a Greggs vegan sausage roll on a rainy day
  • 🍝 Most chain restaurants now have vegan food (Lentil Ragú at Zizzi!)
  • 🐮 To find independent places use Happy Cow
  • 🍲 Hellman’s Vegan Mayo is very mayo-y
  • 🥗 Sainsbury’s has the best veggie mince 
  • 🍔 Try a Beyond Burger from Tesco
  • 🟤 Red Bisto is vegan…
  • 👩‍⚖️ Our Freezer is always filled with Linda McCartney sausages (some aren’t vegan so check the packet), also try their hoisin duck kit, complete with pancakes.
  • 💦 Get a Vegan B12 spray, most people are B12 malnourished, most B12 in meat comes from supplements nowadays
  • 🌭Honorary mention for Tofu Wieners (from Waitrose)

You may accidentally slip up and have misread ingredients, it’s not the end of the world, so just keep trying!

If you’re travelling in January, I made a free app, V Cards, that says you’re vegan in over 100 languages! Perfect to show to the chef / wait staff when abroad –

Most of all, enjoy it 🙂

Ben 🌱

p.s. I published this on LinkedIn, with plenty discussion in the comments

UK Tesla Model 3 Referral

Update: You can now order a Model 3 in the UK directly- just follow this link:

If you ordered on the 1st of May, you can still follow the steps below to have it retroactively applied!

Currently you can’t order a Model 3 in the UK and benefit from the 5,000 free supercharging miles.

I spoke to Tesla UK and was told you can email (tapping this link will prefill the email for you)

After ordering send your RN (reservation number) to that email and referral code BEN60441 to get 5,000 miles free supercharging.

My 2018 – One Second Every Day!

Some highlights:

  • 💒 Got married!!!
  • 🎢 Went to 12 theme parks (up 20% from last year)
  • 🗺 Visited Berlin, Chicago, Vegas and Los Angeles
  • 🍩 Abseiled out of the i360 in Brighton
  • 🍀 Found an unexpected hobby in lawn care
  • 🎲 Took a chance moving Ocasta to be a mostly product company
  • ✉️ 1119 conversations over email
  • ⏰ Worked 1,857.79 hours

Check out last year’s – #2017.

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