How are theme parks planning on reopening after Covid-19?

Through a recent survey sent to customers by Universal Studios Resort Florida, we’re able to see the variety of restrictions theme parks are considering when they’re permitted to reopen.

These demonstrate the intentions of the park; with them wanting to gauge guest perception before committing to any measures.

Entry restrictions

Universal are exploring what they can do before guests push through the park gates, to deny entry to those with symptoms and limit overall attendance.

Limiting attendance

The survey asks how comfortable guests would be if total attendance was limited to 75%, 50% or even 25% – with the park keen to open and generate revenue even in an incredibly restricted capacity.

Whilst impacting revenue, this could tempt those guests on the fence about attending, with the promise of shorter queue times even in the peak seasons, albeit with a risk of being turned away.

Pre-admission testing

Various tests can be held, including an extreme, but oddly reassuring 15-minute rapid Covid-19 test, requiring a negative result before admission is granted.

Less extreme measures include temperature checks to stop feverous guests from entering, however, coronavirus is known to be contagious before any symptoms are shown. Reducing security checks such as the X-ray conveyors would help keep guests personal items clean but at the risk of overall park safety.

Universal are contemplating either requiring all guests to wear face masks, or strongly encouraging it. Likely to cause some glares at any guests not adhering!

In the park

Once guests are in, a collection of precautions are available to minimise the risks to guests and team members.

Rides and shows

Seating guests on rides and shows every other row and seat to distance guests, a tactic likely to work well with a limit on overall attendance.

Staff may be required to wipe down vehicles/seats between rides.

Alternatively, complete closure of all indoor shows is considered or limiting the use of 3D glasses in those attractions.

Nighttime shows, parades and any events generating large gatherings could be suspended.

Virtual queues?

With many virtual lines and queues already across the park, Universal are evaluating this for all of their attractions. This may cause denser groups across the park as guests aren’t scattered between queue lines.

Social distancing and 2m markers throughout the queue line would prevent dense crowds, but again, relying on an overall lower total of guests.

Food and payments

Touch-free payments for entry, food and merchandise are considered to remove the need for cash and physical contact. UK parks could benefit from a recent hike in the contactless card spending limit to £45.

By ending the use of self-serve food in buffets and drinks stations, Universal are assessing interest in having these stands manned by a team member.


Measures for staff are similar to those of guests, although likely to be more thorough. Including requiring all staff to:

  • Take a daily Covid-19 test before allowed to work.
  • To wear masks at all times.
  • Have a temperature check.

Would you visit?

With all of these thoughts, the survey ends with:

How likely are you to visit if the park reopens following its pre-Coronavirus standard operation procedures?

Showing Universal is wondering if they need to make any changes at all.

So would you visit given some of these restrictions?

UK Veganuary tips

A few plant-based tips for those in the UK:

  • ? Lots of things are vegan but don’t say they’re vegan, so you’ll get good at skimming ingredients (watch out for milk, lactose, eggs, gelatine, honey and … meat)
  • ? Flora’s main spreads are now dairy free – it tastes the best
  • ? Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk is next level, Alpro Soya (milk, cream and yoghurt) is a good staple for cereal, with a decent level of protein
  • Cauldron Marinated Tofu is a perfect gateway tofu, much different from the “bad” tofu experiences you may have had
  • ? Follow @accidentallyveganuk on Instagram to see all the amazing things coming out 
  • ? Some vegan cheeses are awful, the Mature Violife and Violife slices are pretty good at melting
  • ? Everyone loves the Bosh cook book (try the cashew korma!)
  • ? Treat yourself to a Greggs vegan sausage roll on a rainy day
  • ? Most chain restaurants now have vegan food (Lentil Ragú at Zizzi!)
  • ? To find independent places use Happy Cow
  • ? Hellman’s Vegan Mayo is very mayo-y
  • Sainsbury’s has the best veggie mince 
  • ? Try a Beyond Burger from Tesco
  • ? Red Bisto is vegan…
  • ?‍⚖️ Our Freezer is always filled with Linda McCartney sausages (some aren’t vegan so check the packet), also try their hoisin duck kit, complete with pancakes.
  • ? Get a Vegan B12 spray, most people are B12 malnourished, most B12 in meat comes from supplements nowadays
  • ?Honorary mention for Tofu Wieners (from Waitrose)

You may accidentally slip up and have misread ingredients, it’s not the end of the world, so just keep trying!

If you’re travelling in January, I made a free app, V Cards, that says you’re vegan in over 100 languages! Perfect to show to the chef / wait staff when abroad –

Most of all, enjoy it 🙂

Ben ?

p.s. I published this on LinkedIn, with plenty discussion in the comments

Abseiling out of Brighton’s i360 observation tower – in 360!

Best viewed on a mobile device – open on YouTube.

This weekend I abseiled out of Brighton’s BA i360 – I was the third member of the public ever to leave the pod – and the first with a 360 camera on my head!

The abseil was to raise money and awareness for local children’s charity – Rockinghorse. You can donate safely, quickly and securely through my Just Giving page. A massive thank you to everyone who supported me so far! In total all participants have raised over £40,000!

Thanks to the team at the i360 and Belay Ropes for keeping us safe, comfortable and calm all the way down!

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My 2017 – One Second Every Day

Some highlights:

  • ? Got engaged!
  • ? Went to 10 theme parks
  • ?‍?‍?‍? Hired seven new people at Ocasta
  • ? Launched a product – Oplift
  • ? Won some awards
  • ? Moved house
  • ? Bought a drone (cliché but fun!)
  • ? Full year without any booze

I hope you enjoyed your 2017 as much as I did!

Here’s last year’s – #2016.

Put together using –

? Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Le Boeuf Remix) by Le Boeuf
? In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Aura Vortex