Show / Reveal Password Bookmarklet

If you’ve got a password saved, but can’t remember what it is, you can use this bookmarklet to reveal it.
Drag the image to the bookmark bar:

Reveal Passwords
Click the button above to try it out:

If you’re interested in the JavaScript source:"input[type='password']"))

It gets all password inputs and turns their type to text; and should work in modern browsers (like Safari, FF4, Chrome etc) that support ‘querySelectorAll()’.

3 thoughts on “Show / Reveal Password Bookmarklet

  1. Looks good, but it’s more idiomatic to use forEach than map if you only want the side effects, not the values.

  2. don’t working in Firefox 31 in Windows 7.
    This scrpit open own tab browser, in addres bar shows this srcitp.

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