Katamari Hack

The winner of the 2011 Yahoo HackU contest at University of Washington, this is so cool.

Click here to activate the Katamari Damacy effect.

You can also install it as a bookmarklet by dragging: Katamari to your bookmarks bar.

It uses CSS3 transforms and html5 canvas to do this awesome effect.

Hats off to the developers, this works seamlessly. Checkout the javascript source code to see how they’re doing it or find out more on kathack.com

CSSOM – CSS Variables, Nesting & Modules

This excites me, some proposals for CSSOM (better CSS value access from the DOM), variables, modules and nesting. This means you’ll be able to do stuff like this:

@var header-color color #006;
@var main-color color #06c;
@var secondary-color color #c06;
a { color: var(main-color); }
a:visited { color: var(secondary-color); }
h1 { 
  color: var(header-color);
  background: linear-gradient(left,var(main-color), transparent 25%);

See the full presentation here: http://www.xanthir.com/talks/2011-01-12/slides.html

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via Tab Atkins Jr. member of the CSS3 working group.