Site Seeing – Week Four

Google Font Directory

Bit late to the party with this one, but the Google Font Directory has some great open source fonts that can be included in your webpages incredibly easily. They host the whole solution and it’s a few basic lines of CSS to get some fancy fonts on your site. My personal favourites include Inconsolata and Lobster.

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgery–Other–Gear.html

Some great gummy bear transpants!

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries

Experimental Gummy Bear Surgeries

For Zebras

Think the photo says it all, check out Spud Comics for more.

For zebras it's not a party until someone brings the barcode scanner cartoon

by Lonnie Easterling

250mb Extra Free on Dropbox!

Get 250mb free whether you’re a current user or not!

New Users

If you sign up with a link from an existing user, both of you get 250mb in addition to the 2gb given with free accounts – Sign up now – free!

If you don’t know what dropbox is, I highly recommend it, it syncs your files to the cloud seamlessly, and offers a month’s revisions on all files synced as well!
Epic box with an Eagle, Dinosaur with gun, and Shark

Current Users

If you currently use dropbox and haven’t yet been instated as a ‘Dropbox Guru’- login and go to and 250mb is added to your account, even if you’re already at the maximum for free accounts! You must complete 5 out of the 6 steps on the page to qualify (but most users already do).

Update 17/03/10: send dropbox a video saying what you like about it and get 500mb added to your account! If they like it you can also win a t-shirt! (now closed)

Update 29/03/10: dropbox has upped the maximum free space to 10gb if you refer your friends- (250mb per friend!).