UK Tesla Model 3 Referral and Model Y referral in 2023 update (£250 discount)

Update 2023: Tesla have relaunched referrals in the UK; follow the link here to see what’s available for UK Tesla Model 3 & Y referrals –

Update 2020: You can now order a Model 3 in the UK directly- just follow this link:

If you ordered on the 1st of May, you can still follow the steps below to have it retroactively applied!

Currently you can’t order a Model 3 in the UK and benefit from the 5,000 free supercharging miles.

I spoke to Tesla UK and was told you can email (tapping this link will prefill the email for you).

After ordering send your RN (reservation number) to that email and referral code BEN60441 to get 5,000 miles free supercharging.