Unicorn – W3C Universal Validator

Unicorn – Universal Website Validator is a nice new validator tool from the W3C that runs their suite of tests on your site, checking for accessibility and standards compliance.

Try it out for this site! – lots of CSS errors due to my use of vendor specific prefixes, which I personally think, used with caution, should be let through.

Also try out the Mobile Conformance option for an overview of how well your site conforms to mobile device best practices.

iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the iPhone refused the request – iOS 4


When running iPhone OS 4 beta 1, syncing with iTunes doesn’t backup the iPhone causing the error:

iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the iPhone refused the request


Install the iPhone SDK 4 beta with Xcode 3.2.3 (or later), which will update some files in iTunes and enable the backup to complete successfully.

An iTunes update is likely to be released soon to address this and other issues some users are experiencing with syncing.

Update 25/04/10: Apparently iPhone OS 4 beta 2 backs up in iTunes 9.1 without any issues.

iWeb Couldn’t reach the MobileMe configuration server..


I use iWeb to managed a podcast, simply because I felt I should utilise my iDisk more and the send to iWeb option in GarageBand is just too convenient, however, the other day I was kindly greeted with this error:

‘Couldn’t reach the MobileMe configuration server’

A quick search on twitter led to no results, so I assumed it was a problem with my MacBook / connection rather than MobileMe as a whole.


Close iWeb, Go to User > Library > Cache and drag the iWeb folder to your desktop.

Hey presto!

You can delete the iWeb folder from you desktop once it works again..