Xcode – ‘Could Not Read From Device’ iPhone Error

Xcode wasn’t sending builds to my iPhone, failing with the error ‘Could not read from device’.
Xcode Error - "Could not read from device error"

Turning the iPhone on and off didn’t work, and the same error was appearing on a different Mac so I knew it was a problem with the device.

To fix it try:

  1. Synchronise your iPhone in iTunes.
  2. Delete the app you’re trying to install (if it already is).
  3. Synchronise again.

These should work on the iPad; or any iOS device.

6 thoughts on “Xcode – ‘Could Not Read From Device’ iPhone Error

  1. This helps.
    And I found another way can also help:
    Try to restart the Xcode.

  2. Restarting the Xcode worked for me. This link helped. Thanks.

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