Designing For TV – Google TV


There are several noteworthy changes:

  • The sizes of all the fonts and buttons were increased
  • The “selected” item or item with the mouse over it is clearly highlighted
  • The user can navigate intuitively around the page using D-pad up/down/left/right motions
  • Additional padding has been added between all elements on the page
  • Darker or slightly muted colors have been chosen to suit TVs that are generally tuned to be brighter

More on Google’s Designing / tweaking your website for TV guide.

Youtube on Macbook on the Big Screen

Youtube on Macbook on the Big Screen

Throttle Bandwidth on MAC OS X

To limit the connection speed on your Mac to a 56k modem for testing your website loading speed, pop this into terminal:

sudo ipfw pipe 1 config bw 56kbit/s
sudo ipfw add pipe 1 dst-port http

You can change 56kbit/s to any speed you want to test with.

To clear it either reboot or use:

sudo ipfw flush

via ( – Traffic Shaping in Mac OS X)

Macbook Pro Speaker Pop In Garageband


When sorting out a podcast in garageband I often find the audio goes weird, pops my speakers and stops them from working. This seems to primarily happen when scrubbing around whilst it plays..


I took a chance and plugged some headphones in and out and it worked again.

However, it doesn’t sound too healthy so hopefully Apple will address this soon..