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App Store App Counts (graph) - Increasing from 200,000 apps to 300,000

App Store Apps Increase from 200,000 to 300,000 published mobile apps

Distimo have released the October edition of their App Store Report revealing some interesting facts:

  • The number of applications in the Apple App Store has grown from just under 200,000 in April 2010 to over 300,000 in October 2010.
  • The average price of the top 100 paid applications in October 2010 is 171% higher in the Apple App Store for iPad than in the Apple App Store for iPhone; $5.80 compared with $2.14, respectively.
  • Angry Birds was the top paid application in both the Apple App Store for iPhone and Palm App Catalog in September 2010.

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UI Guidelines for Common Mobile / Tablet Apps

Mobile Web Programming have a nice list of official UI guidelines for popular devices, which is pretty cool as I can’t stand apps that don’t follow the expected design patterns.

Have a look – UI Guidelines for mobile and tablet web app design

They’ve missed out the Windows Phone 7 UI Design and Interaction Guide