Missing Fonts in Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

After upgrading to Lion I found it disabled a few of the system fonts. This made lots of websites not display as intended and warnings about Missing Fonts in Pages (which had the benefit of artificially inflating my book’s page count bringing it nearer completion).

Turns out Lion can disable certain fonts in certain circumstances; I did a clean install of Lion on a different drive when running the Install Mac OS X Lion app.

You can re-enable the fonts like this:

  1. Open Font Book, it’s stored in your Applications folder. You’ve got Lion now so you could be fancy and use Launchpad.
  2. Find a font that has been disabled – in my case Verdana was the key one. Right click the font and select Enable ‘font name’ Family:
    Enabling the Verdana font in the Font Book on Mac Lion
  3. Repeat this for any other fonts that have been disabled.


You can automatically activate fonts added in the future by ticking Automatic font activation from the Font Book Preferences menu:

 Font Book preference window

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