In iOS 10 Apple now treat the lock screen like an app 

One of the biggest changes found in iOS 10 will be one of the first things you see upon installing the update. Indeed, the Lock screen in iOS 10 has received what amounts to an overhaul and a rethinking of its functionality.

iOS 10 Lock Screen

In iOS 10 slide to unlock is no more. You now simply press the home button to unlock the device. This now makes the lock screen like any other app – as simply clicking the home button quits the current app and always takes you to the home screen of app icons.

With Touch ID being so fast on newer iPhone models, the simple act of tapping the home button will unlock and open the home screen. If you’ve got a passcode then it’ll not feel so smooth – you’ll still be taken to another screen to put that in.

If you’ve not got a test device with iOS 10, 9to5Mac has a hands-on video with the new lock screen.