Binge watching is just like reading a novel – Netflix CEO

I was over Mobile World Congress last week where Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was interviewed by the BBC’s Francine Stock.

He compared binge watching like staying up all night reading a novel, and that the linear format of television robbed us of the ability to enjoy content when we want. He expects all television will be available in bingeable form over the next few years.

So next time you see the Are you still watching? prompt on Netflix, select Yes with pride, no prejudice.

Good last minute gift for far away family members

These digital photo frames from nixplay have a twist – they’re cloud enabled so friends and family can send photos to you from anywhere in the world.

They’re pretty simple to setup on WiFi and you approve who can send you pics, through their mobile app or by emailing.

A good gift to stay connected to family with what you’ve been up to.

When you send a picture to it sends a nice notification on the screen saying Ben just sent you 5 photos when you’re next in the room – there’s a motion sensor that can turn the screen off when you’re not around. If you’re classy you’ll leave the transitions off.

[amazon_link asins=’B012FMPKOG,B012MPFDUW,B00JEX926C’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’visat-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’480df7a6-697e-11e7-a4a8-354f169907b2′]