App Store business model shifting to advertising 


Starting in 2012 advertising in my apps made up around 10% of sales whereas now it is nearly 80%. That increase has come almost entirely from a near collapse of my paid upfront sales (with my in-app purchase income largely unchanged).

David Smith, one of the most successful indie app developers has been extensively tracking his income sources over the past four years and has some great findings in his Evolving App Store Business Models article.

Worried about charging your iPhone 7 whilst playing music? 


With the new iPhone set to remove the headphone jack I’ve seen a lot of people concerned it’ll mean they can’t charge their phone whilst listening to music due to the dependancy on lightning headphones.

For the last year the Griffin iTrip Aux AutoPilot car charger has allowed you to connect just the lightning port to your iPhone and will charge your phone and supply audio through its inbuilt aux output:

Simply connect the Lightning connector to your iPhone, iPad or iPod and connect the AUX plug to the AUX-in jack on your car stereo.

Griffin Aux Lightning Car Charger

Whilst we make the transition to wireless this shows it is possible to charge and listen at the same time – we just need to wait for third party hardware to support it outside of the car…

Apple’s advice for your App Store product page 


When you update your app, your What’s New description is an opportunity to communicate directly with active users. If you added a feature or fixed a bug based on feedback or reviews, let your users know you’ve listened to them. List new features, content, or functionality in order of importance, and add call-to-action messaging that gets users excited about the update.

I particularly enjoyed Apple’s suggestion about What’s New text on the App Store Product Page. If only the App Review team enforced it – we’d no longer see We update this app every two weeks to bring you great features or miscellaneous bug fixes.

Apple to remove crap and abandoned apps from the App Store 


We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated.

You will be asked to submit an update within 30 days to keep your app on the App Store. If you are unable to make the changes within this time frame, your app will be removed from the App Store until you submit an update and it is approved. Please note that apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately.

Apple sent an email to all developers today about App Store Improvements to encourage quality apps. If your app no longer complies with changes to guidelines or is buggy you’ll have 30 days to update it.

They additionally announced app names will now be limited to 50 characters to stop spammy names.

The Mac app Transmission gets hit with malware again 


Just five months after Transmission was infected with the first “ransomware” ever found on the Mac, the popular BitTorrent client is again at the center of newly uncovered OS X malware.

Mac Rumors report that Transmission has been infected for the second time this yer, likely through a vulnerability on their web server. If you’re worried you may be infected you can follow the steps in the Mac Rumors article.

It appears they’re currently migrating everything over to GitHub pages, likely in an effort to avoid their servers being exploited again.