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It has over 650 realistic clinical cases with associated questions working through the scenario. All cases include high quality feedback to help maximise learning. Brighton and Sussex Medical School have written all the content, questions and cases. An editorial board, led by Professor David Howlett, keeps it relevant and up to date.

Source: CAPSULE – A Unique Learning Environment – HealthTechDigital

Health Tech Digital reporting on our Capsule app created in partnership between Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Ocasta. Capsule is an educational resource designed to help undergraduate medical students learn and improve their medical knowledge. All built on our empowerment platform Oplift. Available to other medical schools following the UK syllabus; prefilled with 650 case-based studies written by senior clinicians and faculty of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Abseiling out of Brighton’s i360 observation tower – in 360!

Best viewed on a mobile device – open on YouTube.

This weekend I abseiled out of Brighton’s BA i360 – I was the third member of the public ever to leave the pod – and the first with a 360 camera on my head!

The abseil was to raise money and awareness for local children’s charity – Rockinghorse. You can donate safely, quickly and securely through my Just Giving page. A massive thank you to everyone who supported me so far! In total all participants have raised over £40,000!

Thanks to the team at the i360 and Belay Ropes for keeping us safe, comfortable and calm all the way down!

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V Cards 2 – you’re now vegan in 100 languages! 


V Cards 2 is now available on the App Store! Now with over 100 translations of how to say you’re vegan when travelling!

From: V Cards 2 – you’re now vegan in 100 languages

Finally had a chance to update a very handy app I collobrated on with a friend in San Diego.

Very on-and-off but we’ve been working on this update over the past four years.

If you’ve ever travelled around the world and tried to eat vegan you’ll know it can be hard to communicate what you can and can’t eat – that’s where V Cards helps! Simply show it to staff in a restaurant to let them know what you can’t eat.

Get it now – for free!

My 2017 – One Second Every Day

Some highlights:

  • ? Got engaged!
  • ? Went to 10 theme parks
  • ?‍?‍?‍? Hired seven new people at Ocasta
  • ? Launched a product – Oplift
  • ? Won some awards
  • ? Moved house
  • ? Bought a drone (cliché but fun!)
  • ? Full year without any booze

I hope you enjoyed your 2017 as much as I did!

Here’s last year’s – #2016.

Put together using –

? Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Le Boeuf Remix) by Le Boeuf
? In The Hall Of The Mountain King by Aura Vortex