Post PC – Happening in the Real World

Yesterday in the Apple Store I overheard a conversation between a customer with a faulty iPhone and one of the sales staff. It went a little like this;

Man: my iPhone isn’t working.
Apple: no problem sir let me take a look.

Apple: I’m afraid you’ll need to set up a genius appointment so one of our specialists can take a look. If you sign in with your Apple ID on this MacBook Pro we can see which appointment are available and register you for one.
Man: can’t you just fix it now? I run my business through my phone.
Apple: if you login we’ll see when then next appointment is.
Man: OK [approaches MacBook]
Man: how do I do a capital?
Apple: hold down the shift key whilst you press the letter.
Man: where’s the shift key?
Apple: here sir, where it always is.
Man: I dunno, I haven’t ever used a computer, I do everything on my phone.

He continued to have a few issues with the trackpad and navigating around Safari. His appointment is tomorrow.