Site Seeing – Week One

Site Seeing! A roundup of sites I’ve found interesting..

Adobe UI Gripes

I satirical look at the awful inconsistencies within the Adobe Creative Suite..

Wordoid – Creative Naming Engine

Wordoid is kind of a dare I say it Web 2.0 name generator but creates natural sounding words, it’s a little slow though as it looks up each results domain availability.

Fivesecondtest – Online Usability Tests

‘Five second tests help you easily identify the most prominent elements of your user interfaces.’

With each test lasting just ..5 seconds, you upload a screenshot of your webpage which can be either a memory or a click test, it’s a great way of getting some quick feedback.

tip: upload your image at a resolution of 916 x 640 or else it gets cropped.

oh, and here’s a great song: Heart Skipped a Beat – The xx (spotify)