Xcode 4: Unable to Select Project / Template Type

iOS File Template Selector

iOS File Template Selector - unable to click an item

When opening a new iOS or template type in Xcode 4 (4.0.2) I was unable to select any of the project or file templates, turn it out this occurred when tapping (not ‘clicking’) on the items.

Using a firm clicking click or the arrow keys seems to work around this. Tapping just seems to deselect anything currently selected.

What a strange bug!

10 thoughts on “Xcode 4: Unable to Select Project / Template Type

  1. Thx. I have the same problem. new Mac Pro installed Xcode 4. initially I thought maybe the installation file I downloaded was corrupted, then tried to download again. I got the exactly same file size. reinstallation doesn’t solve the problem either.

    finally, I googled your answer just before I was about to revert back to Xcode 3.

    that’s really a shame for APPLE.


  2. Thank you SO much for this simple but so helpful piece of information! I was pulling my hair out (and there’s not much there to pull) trying to figure out why I couldn’t select a template. I can’t believe that the reason is because I had to click and not tap! Talk about frustration!

    Again, many thanks.


  3. Spent all day trying to resolve this exact same problem. About to uninstall (again) and revert to Xcode 3 (again). Just in time I found your post. Bingo. I could kiss you!

  4. Thanks, I my God!!!! I wasted so much time, how can apple release something working so bad

  5. Thank you.

    I was wondering if the program has crashed or something!

    How the heck does something like this slip pass QA, we will probably never know.

    PS: Taps don’t seem to work at OS X “Install update” screens we get when the system reboots for updates either. Really Apple?

  6. I can’t even see iOS in the left side. I can only see Mac OS X in the left side. Mine is Xcode 4.2 on Mac book air(10.7), but system info shows that the following SDK iPhone OS:5.0(9A334);iPhone Simulator:4.3 (8H7),5.0(9A334)

    First time I tried to develop iPhone app, I spent whole day with not even one app built successfully.

    Any advice on how to solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.


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