Binge watching is just like reading a novel – Netflix CEO

I was over Mobile World Congress last week where Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was interviewed by the BBC’s Francine Stock.

He compared binge watching like staying up all night reading a novel, and that the linear format of television robbed us of the ability to enjoy content when we want. He expects all television will be available in bingeable form over the next few years.

So next time you see the Are you still watching? prompt on Netflix, select Yes with pride, no prejudice.

AirPods are going to great for podcasters

I’ve been using the great sounding AirPods, Apple’s new wireless earphones, for the last 24 hours. With no controls other than Siri, you’re destined to double tap either AirPod to ask to skip tracks or change the volume – things previously possible with the in-line remote.

For podcasters – less people will be bothered to skip ads.

Having to tap and talk to skip a one minute ad really isn’t worth it, it takes around 15 seconds to complete a Siri command if you get the double tap right. Siri isn’t ready as instantaneously on the phone (which is listening even before you speak), you need to wait for the Siri ba-dunk before the mics on the AirPods activate.

For those worrying about volume, it’s easy enough to squeeze the up / down buttons on the iPhone through your pocket. If it’s not in your pocket – it’s a faff.

p.s. they really don’t fall out.

p.p.s. I generally only skip podcast ads when it’s from a sponsor I’m already familiar with.