Subscribe to UK Holidays in iCal / iPhone / iPad

UK Holiday’s provided by Apple that you can subscribe to in iCal –


Been using this ever since I’ve had my Mac and it’s very useful. Works on iPhone and iPad as well.

16 thoughts on “Subscribe to UK Holidays in iCal / iPhone / iPad

  1. this has saved me ages in transferring dates, all done in a swift click – many thanks!

  2. Thank you – just the information I was looking for, and could not find on the Apple site.

  3. Whoever maintains this for Apple has not added the Jubilee holiday or moved Spring Bank Holiday for 2012.

  4. you’re a legend !! I’ve been trying to find a reliable way of adding UK holidays to my calendar – not sure why its not there as standard, on iPad / iPhone they’re built in. Hey ho Macs are still amazing. Thanks

  5. Thanks very much! This was very swift and most helpful.

  6. You can also now (2013) download the ICS file from the UK government website:

    Sadly, it isn’t a subscription, but it still save a lot of hassle (I believe the dates are defined up until the end of 2015!)


  7. Great tool, shame I can’t edit out the Scottish/N irish stuff and just keep England and Wales..?

  8. I think this must be the calendar that is stuck in my iphone, and I cant remove it, (in the calendar list, it comes up in the “other” section, just above birthdays. )
    anyone know how to uninstall it?

  9. Searched all weekend and found this gem, thanks so much fro the great link. I know when fathers day is now!

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